Treasury & Financial Markets

Our Treasury Team is devoted to deliver expert services in the different areas of the Financial Markets.

The purpose of the Treasury Financial Markets is to make ITFC more resilient by generating income and providing ITFC with the liquidity that will enable it to advance trade among OIC Member Countries, as well as provide them with world-class Shariah compliant treasury solutions. That will ultimately contribute to the overarching goal of improving socioeconomic conditions of the people across the world.

Treasury Products

The team actively supports the ITFC’s Member Countries and Partners by providing/accepting competitive Shariah compliant FX prices

FX Spot

FX Swap

FX Forward (Islamic Wa’ad)

  • Capitalizing on its strong relationships with Member Countries’ banks. To utilize the surplus liquidity under Shariah compliant money markets deposits products.

  • Accepting Shariah compliant money market deposits that are used to facilitate trade to its Member Countries.

Treasury strives to create a well-structured and diversified Sukuk portfolio through active trading in both primary and secondary markets with its partners.

Active trading for Shariah compliant repos and reverse repos

  • Repos: Alternate Funding is a liability tool through which ITFC funds its short- and medium-term liquidity gaps.

  • Reverse repos: Alternate tool to invest funds under a collateralized form with the objective to provide partners with liquidity needed.


Profit Rate Swap

Cross Currency Swap

Shariah Compliant Structured Products

Shariah Compliant Options

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