Financial  Institutions and Syndications 

Financial Institutions and Syndications

ITFC’s mission is to be a catalyst for trade development among OIC Member Countries and to lead as the number one provider of Shariah compliant trade solutions. In order to support this mission, the team’s role entails mobilization of resources from a range of partners operating in different financial markets.

To achieve these objectives, ITFC adopts several arrangements. The most frequently used participatory structure is shown as follows:


Benefits to partners
  • ITFC’s unique position guaranteed by its privileges and immunities are shared with the participating institutions.
  • ITFC’s close relationship with Member Countries.
  • ITFC’s structuring and transaction assessment expertise.
  • ITFC’s supervision and monitoring of transaction implementation.
  • ITFC’s deal-flow and recurring transactions based on the agreements with beneficiaries.
  • Introduction to new markets and geographies through participation in ITFC facilities.
Benefits to beneficiaries
  • Meet the beneficiary large financing requirements.
  • Enable clients to plan their financing needs on short and mid-term based on the Master Financing Agreements signed with ITFC.
  • Potential to achieve large financing with one point of contact with ITFC as sole arranger.
  • Simplified administration and documentation, since ITFC is the financier on record.
  • Introduction of new investors to consider financing respective member countries.

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