Trade Finance Overview

Trade Finance Overview

ITFC provides Shariah-compliant trade finance for both public and private sector entities in Member Countries and beyond, with a particular focus on intra-OIC trade transactions. Farmers, cooperatives, manufacturers, refineries, traders, and service providers all stand to benefit from our wide range of financing products. From import, pre-export and export finance to buyer’s credit, structured commodity, supply chain and line of finance, our products are designed to facilitate trade throughout its entire cycle and across the value chain.

Eligibility Criteria

Corporate/Non-Financial Institution

  • Operating for not less than 3 years.

  • A corporation or a limited liability company.

  • Total equity of not less than USD 15 million.

  • No continuous net losses during the last 3 years.

Financial Institution

  • Operating for not less than 3 years.

All goods are acceptable unless they are:

  • Non-Shariah compliant

  • Used for military purposes

  • Radioactive materials

  • Deemed illegal under international conventions or subject to international bans or phase-outs

  • Deemed illegal under laws of country into which they are being imported; and/or

  • Counterfeit, violating trademarks and copy rights

Up to 12 months (must be in line with customers’ cash conversion cycle)


  • Disbursement under a facility can be in any currency but settlement by the customer to ITFC must be in the Facility Currency.

Goods can be imported from or exported to any non-sanctioned, non-boycotted country.

Each product/facility may require specific securities. In general, those listed below may be considered:

  • Sovereign Guarantee

  • Bank Guarantee

  • Corporate Guarantee

  • Personal Guarantee

  • Cash Margin

  • Assignment of Receivables

  • Pledge of commodities and/or fixed assets

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