Export Launchpad Program

Export Launchpad is a joint initiative of the ITFC and the Global Affairs Canada, through Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada, in collaboration with the Trade Support Institutions of the recipient country. The program aims at enhancing the capacities of the SMEs, especially the women led entrepreneurs to overcome the COVID-19 impact and support Help the SMEs in their efforts to adopt digital tools and solutions.
The Program consists of two components. The first component, train-the-trainers, aims to establish an exporter training platform implemented through a lead Trade support institution (TSI) and other TSIs in the selected countries.
The second component of the program focuses on preparing and strengthening the capabilities of SMEs and their products and equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge that could contribute to introduce in an efficient and effective way their products into the Canadian and international markets, in order to significantly position them against other competitors and be also prepared to take advantage of new export opportunities that could be generated. 



TFO Canada





Export Launchpage Senegal (2017):

  • 17 trainers, 13 men and 4 women, met all requirements and were awarded certificates
  • 20 SME representatives, 13 men & 7 women trained

Export Launchpad Bangladesh (2020):

  • 32 new technical trade professionals (17 Female & 15 Male) from 9 Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) are identified
  • 43 trained SMEs representing the sectors of Diversified Jute and Processed Food in Bangladesh were trained.
  • From the 32 new technical trade professionals, 16 of them have trained another 171 SMEs in Bangladesh.