ITFC Organizes Workshop on Sovereign Debt Management for Pakistan and Maldives Delegations


The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) organized a four-day Training Workshop on Sovereign Debt Management in Jeddah, KSA, which was attended by delegations from the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Maldives. Organized under the ITFC’s Integrated Trade Solutions framework, the workshop aimed to contribute to the sustainability of public debt management in Pakistan and Maldives by equipping selected representatives of the Government agencies overseeing public debt with the necessary skillset in managing sovereign debt  and foreign financing.

The training workshop was executed in collaboration with Fitch Learning, a leading provider of financial education and training and included sessions on topics such as the principles of public debt management, risk management, and financing strategies. 

This intervention showcased ITFC's commitment to supporting member countries, particularly Pakistan and Maldives, in developing national capacity in managing sovereign debt in a sustainable way and achieve sustained economic growth. 

Commenting on the workshop, ITFC's COO, Mr. Nazeem Noordali, said, "We are pleased to have organized this workshop in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Maldives. ITFC remains committed to supporting its member countries in building their capacity and enhancing their ability to manage sovereign debt in a sustainable manner."

The workshop is part of ITFC's broader efforts to support its member countries in their economic development and achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ITFC will continue to work closely with its partners to identify areas where it can provide the necessary support to help achieve these goals.